The very first official copy of Reverie in Hardcover


Look what finally arrived!

I was standing at the window, doing nothing but watching and waiting for the mail. I felt a sudden kinship with many puppies over the years.

There may or may not have been tears involved when I finally got this in my hands. She’s beautiful. Like a newborn babe.

Despite this whole process of printing taking OVER A MONTH for this one copy, I still feel like it was worth the wait and I do hope that you will too.

Now waiting on the pre-ordered merchandise to arrive for distribution. Hopeful that we can get that out to you before August. Thank you for being incredibly patient. This pandemic has affected so many businesses and lives, I feel like waiting a little is a small thing in comparison to what so many are dealing with.

There are less than 10 books remaining available for pre-order. After that, the store is suspended until the book launch next month! If you haven’t yet, make sure you get in on the pre-orders. Not only are they signed first editions but they come with an exclusive swag bag of fun perks!

~ Zee

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