Choose to dream …

London is living a relatively sheltered suburban life. Her world changes when she dreams of a troubled young man, living a life contrasting her own. Her recurring dreams make her question both her reality and sanity. 

Despite their differences in this implausible form of communication, she forms a strong bond with this boy, prompting her to make a conscious decision.

She will follow her heart no matter what the cost.

“I go to a world that is nowhere near as interesting as the one you are a part of.  I go to everyone’s reality, where people don’t know me.  I go to a place that has become almost intolerable if it weren’t for the hope that when I close my eyes, I may see you again.

I wake up”

~ London


Sneaking a Peek

I’m mad.

I’m crazy.

I’m insane.

I must be if I’m here. Feeling what I’m feeling.

This is not some rabbit hole I’ve fallen in. There are no talking animals, psychedelic colors that flavor the environment in acid-trip rainbows, or fuzzy blue caterpillars. Instead, I feel the damp chill of my clothes, tension in the air, and fear that is real.

I shiver, though I can’t be sure if it’s just because I’m cold. My shirt clings intermediately to the back of my neck. Every inhale causes it to rub against me like a handful of tiny needles slowly ripping through my skin, seemingly sharp and unrelenting. I press the bottom of my palms to my eyes, pushing out errant tears. The pressure reminds me that there are other things happening. There are other things that hurt. The purpling bruises on my side. The raw scratches on my arm. The sores on my feet thrusting against my shoes. They all meld together in a slur of fresh, throbbing ache. 

The smell of stale air and wet tile saturates the air and invades every breath. It is a unique combination of suffocating hopelessness that makes the tight enclosure even smaller. Hollow sounds echo unnaturally within the empty room. It makes the steady drips of water louder. My heart is crashing in waves, so loud in my ears that it blocks out the water. It’s an overload. I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop feeling.

My senses tell me this is happening … here and now.

Somewhere in the other real world … somewhere far from here, where things make sense … I must be unresponsive to everything. There is too much going on inside of me to have anything left. 

Here, the high windows reveal little. There are no shadows or movement. The stillness watches me while I wait. I’m waiting because he told me to. He’s the reason I’m pulled to this place. Alone in this prison of choice. 

I flinch at the rhythmic pops and snaps in the distance. 

Was that … Gunfire?

It’s begun. The next few minutes will determine his fate … and by extension, my own. Do we even stand a chance? Did we ever? 

I can’t just stay in this huddled position while our future is being decided. I need to do something. I need to see. It’s not what he wants but It’s not going to matter anyway if we’re both killed. 

What happens then?

The uncertainty that has been holding me in place is what drives me to motion. I extend a shaky hand forward into the dim light. Trying to find a semblance of courage, I will the rest of me to follow.

It is a step closer to him. Am I also a step closer to the end? 

A door bursts open. I am no longer alone.

What happens next?

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But, wait. There’s more.

Behind the scenes blog …

  • Shorts …
    I submitted two stories … I wish I knew which one actually won … I’m really hoping its this one … ENTRY ONE: HERO He picked up the discarded sippy cup from the carpeted floor of the one bedroom apartment and set it back on the table by the pull out couch. Nestled there was a little girl with a hair full of curls that could be no more than two. She was cuddled up to her older brother, a boy of five, already so much older than any boy in school twice his age. The boy had his armContinue reading “Shorts …”
  • Glitz and Glamour
    Most people think that the elusive writer’s dream is making it to the New York Times Best Seller List. Have a franchise. A movie. A series. Be the next overnight sensation that sweeps the nation. That’s the big city big lights dream, I get it.  I have a different one. Mine is less of the glitz of the publication and more of the sparkle between people. It’s all about the readers connecting, not just with the story, but with the characters. Readers that get caught up in the same world that I was caught up in when I wrote thisContinue reading “Glitz and Glamour”
  • #InstagramWorthy
    It has been brought to my attention that Reverie needs to be on Instagram. So here we are … Follow Reverie ~ zee
  • Cognizance
    When you’re a child, the impossibility is never so impossible. You aren’t afraid to wish for things that are only limited by your imagination. A pet dinosaur that you can take to school. Superpowers that make you more powerful than the monster lurking in your closet at night. Unlimited number of wishes.  You learn how the world works through disappointment and small triumphs. You learn how to mitigate your expectations. You reign in your dreams because now, you’re afraid to dream. I spent hours upon hours in front of a green monitor when I was a kid. Typing out storiesContinue reading “Cognizance”
  • Feedback
    Reviews are trickling in on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It thrills me to know that London has made friends with this world as well. Hope to see you at our OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH at This Old Book in downtown Grayslake, IL on August 12th. If you can’t make it, Reverie is available on and #BehindTheScenes #FeedBack #BookReview #WoolGatherers ~ Zee

10 thoughts on “Reverie

  1. The plot twists were everything in this book!

    Lacson does a great job in creating two lovable characters. I found myself caring for London and hoping the story would end happy for her.

    From the beginning I was quite pleased with the pace and satisfied with the amount of detail which allowed me to fall right into London’s world. It did remind me of The Time Traveler’s Wife (Which I love, by the way), and I thought I had a pretty good idea of where the story was going but boy was I wrong! Lacson does an excellent job of delivering a plot twist all the way until the end.

    I highly recommend this book, and can’t wait to see what Lacson will write in the future.

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