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  • Shorts …
    I submitted two stories … I wish I knew which one actually won … I’m really hoping its this one … ENTRY ONE: HERO He picked up the discarded sippy cup from the carpeted floor of the one bedroom apartment and set it back on the table by the pull out couch. Nestled there wasContinue reading “Shorts …”
  • Glitz and Glamour
    Most people think that the elusive writer’s dream is making it to the New York Times Best Seller List. Have a franchise. A movie. A series. Be the next overnight sensation that sweeps the nation. That’s the big city big lights dream, I get it.  I have a different one. Mine is less of theContinue reading “Glitz and Glamour”
  • #InstagramWorthy
    It has been brought to my attention that Reverie needs to be on Instagram. So here we are … Follow Reverie ~ zee
  • Cognizance
    When you’re a child, the impossibility is never so impossible. You aren’t afraid to wish for things that are only limited by your imagination. A pet dinosaur that you can take to school. Superpowers that make you more powerful than the monster lurking in your closet at night. Unlimited number of wishes.  You learn howContinue reading “Cognizance”
  • Feedback
    Reviews are trickling in on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It thrills me to know that London has made friends with this world as well. Hope to see you at our OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH at This Old Book in downtown Grayslake, IL on August 12th. If you can’t make it, Reverie is available on Amazon.comContinue reading “Feedback”
  • #50
    On August 2, 2020, Reverie ranked #50 on an Amazon’s Best Seller List! Dare we dream for more?#BucketList #BestSeller #Reverie #BehindTheScenes ~ Zee
  • We’re Official!
    Reverie is teaming up with THIS OLD BOOK in downtown Grayslake for our official launch! We shall conform with social distancing and safety precautions for this outdoor event. There will be treats, fun items, and even a raffle! Reverie will be launched at an EXCLUSIVE PRICE. So if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, makeContinue reading “We’re Official!”
  • Indie Authors UNITE!
    Lafiro A Gomez III of Imagination Factory Creations recently interviewed me as part of his Indie 2 Indie program. Check out my very first Author Interview! His book, Parachute Island is available here. Hang tight for Reverie’s official book launch date. Announcements to follow soon! ~ Zee
  • #WoolGatherers
    Love receiving pictures from our excited readers of all ages! Pre-orders should be completely delivered nationwide by next week. Thank you to all our patient Wool Gatherers overseas, who have to hold on just a little bit longer. This means that though you may have missed out on the swag, Reverie will be available toContinue reading “#WoolGatherers”
  • Swag 2
    07.18.2020 Your patience is paying off. It looks like we can finally start filling our pre-orders starting NEXT WEEK (cheering). Each pre-order will receive one of these bookmarks in their swag bags and MORE! #BehindTheScenes #Reverie #InPrint #FirstSteps #Swagbag #Anticipation #WoolGathering #WorthTheWait ~ Zee
  • Swag 1
    07.11.2020 Working on putting together all the swag bags today. I’m anticipating that the first wave of pre-ordered copies will arrive next week. That means a copy of Reverie may well be in your hands soon! #BehindTheScenes #Reverie #InPrint #FirstSteps #Swagbag #Anticipation #WoolGathering ~ Zee
  • Progress
    07.06.2020 Look what finally arrived! I was standing at the window, doing nothing but watching and waiting for the mail. I felt a sudden kinship with many puppies over the years. There may or may not have been tears involved when I finally got this in my hands. She’s beautiful. Like a newborn babe. DespiteContinue reading “Progress”
  • Moving along
    Waiting on the actual printed proof of Reverie in Hardcover so that it may be approved for global distribution. The pandemic has caused delays in printing. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Pre-orders will get first dibs and be filled a month BEFORE distribution. This applies to only the FIRST 75 pre-orders. We still haveContinue reading “Moving along”
  • New Worlds
    #BehindTheScenes Reverie passed its final edit. Currently working on layout. This is a whole new world for me so give me a couple of weeks … Next stop … PUBLISHING! ~ zee
  • Celebrations
    #BehindTheScenes with my editor ~ zee
  • Counterproductive Art
    ~ London
  • Contact
    Was that … was that a girl? It legit was a girl. Out here in the wops wearing a tank top, jeans, and Chucks of all things. That’s mental. How did she even get this far in effing Chucks? Who does that?  So much for being alone. Figures. I ran my tongue over the cutContinue reading “Contact”
  • Dreamstate
    Another beam of light danced through my open window, running from my unkempt desk all the way to the Benjamin Moore sample squares I had tacked on the wall with painter’s tape.   It took less than two seconds for the beam to complete its visit and in that same amount of time I’ve thought ofContinue reading “Dreamstate”
  • 2009
    “I had this dream …”“That would make a good story.”“Yeah? Okay.” ~ Zee

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