“Even a soul submerged in sleep is hard at work and helps make something of the world.” ~ Heraclitus

Another beam of light danced through my open window, running from my unkempt desk all the way to the Benjamin Moore sample squares I had tacked on the wall with painter’s tape.   It took less than two seconds for the beam to complete its visit and in that same amount of time I’ve thought of everything and nothing.

As a child, we’re taught that rules protect us so that we have the opportunity to rise up to our potential. We put rules on everything. We crave them the same way we do potato chips and late night ice cream. We don’t know why we do. Maybe we don’t even admit that we do, but we do. Even games that we invent as children always have ‘rules’. Whether or not they make sense isn’t the point. It’s their existence. There must be rules.  It is everything and nothing.

So strange, then, to think that when this world is too much for us. This world that is retrained by the conditions of reason and society, we find solace in the chaos of dreams.  

So strange that the anarchy in our reality that is built up by all these rules meant for order causes the most stress. It’s what tires us. Exhausts our soul.  

So strange that when we’ve been exhausted to the point of abandon, it’s the chaos of unrestrained imagination that strengthens us. Dreams without reason. Dreams without sense. Dreams without logic.  

Strange dreams. It fuels my soul. It is nothing and everything.

In my somnolence, I surrender to the infinite possibilities of all combined worlds. My soul feeds.  

~ London

Published by zee

Outside the comfort zone

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