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Woolgathering Series: Book 1

London is living a relatively sheltered suburban life. Her world changes when she dreams of a troubled young man, living a life contrasting her own. Her recurring dreams make her question both her reality and sanity. 

Despite their differences in this implausible form of communication, she forms a strong bond with this boy, prompting her to make a conscious decision.

She will follow her heart no matter what the cost.

“I go to a world that is nowhere near as interesting as the one you are a part of.  I go to everyone’s reality, where people don’t know me.  I go to a place that has become almost intolerable if it weren’t for the hope that when I close my eyes, I may see you again.

I wake up”

~ London
Woolgathering Series: Book 2

*Possible Reverie Spoiler*

London Evans thought she was just an ordinary teenager navigating an ordinary life of high school drama and family responsibilities. That was until her ordinary life was interrupted by extraordinary dreams. Dreams that were real. 

Like, Ethan, the mystery boy with a strange accent and golden-green eyes. He once was just a part of her recurring dreams. Then he showed up at her doorstep, very real.

  Now London needs to learn how to navigate this new world of dreams and reality. If she doesn’t, she risks both worlds. What once were dreams have become nightmares. 

And she has no way of stopping them.

She looked at me but it was as if she wasn’t seeing me. She was looking through me.

“Help,” she begged in a raspy voice. Her voice sent chills to the back of my neck and not because of the wind. Her hand was shaking when she reached for me.

Then she grabbed my arm with a cold, pale hand.”

~ London
Woolgathering Series: Book 3

*Possible Reverie Spoiler*

London Evans knows the power of dreams. She has bridged her past and her future through dreaming, a gift she inherited from her mother.

But the more she learns about her abilities, the greater the danger and the more she risks losing.

The next time she goes to sleep, she make never wake up.


What happens next?

Order your very own copy and find out …

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Ask your local library or book store to order you a copy.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

But, wait. There’s more.

Behind the scenes blog …

  • Why?
    Why are you doing this? My husband asked me when Reverie was ready to be published. They say there are no stupid questions. On the flip side, I maintain that there are very, very good ones. This was one of the best. Writing is Art. It’s a passion. It’s fun. It’s fulfilling. Publishing, on the other hand, not so much. I appreciate the many options available to authors that were not possible ten years ago. The “Big Five” Publishers seemed to control the market like the mob. If you couldn’t get your foot in the door, you get scammed byContinue reading “Why?”
  • The Collective
    I’m a big believer in community over competition. Particularly in the writing community. It’s a unique environment that actually supports this philosophy. You would have to go out of your way to be toxic to find conflict. And yes, I’ve met some pretty toxic authors. It absolutely boggles me. You may as well shoot yourself in the foot. It will inevitably force you into a lonely, completely unnecessary, existence. Authors share the same consumers … readers. And readers never just stick with one author. In fact, they are often actively looking for more. And when authors support authors, readers areContinue reading “The Collective”
  • Equilibrium
    And just like that, it’s February. One of the few things I got done last month was visualize my goals for the year and actually make a plan for them. It sounds simple but I found it more challenging than I want to admit.  I want to dream big but I also don’t want to just dream.  There’s a balance between inspiration and attainability that isn’t always easy for me to sustain. It’s like one of those yoga poses that look so graceful until you try it out yourself and realize it’s not just the yoga pants that made thatContinue reading “Equilibrium”
  • 2022
    I know we’re closer to the end of January than we are to the first of the year. My desire to meet 2022 head on with the steady momentum of regular blog posts and writing goals has hit a flat before the starting line. I’d very much like to blame it all on the things that were beyond my control. Like my seven year old computer crashing after the latest software update and the cascading series of unfortunate events that followed because of it.  Work backlog is never a fun thing. It’s a depressingly heavy weight that never feels likeContinue reading “2022”
  • Libertyville Area Moms Network: Meet A Mom
    The Libertyville Area Moms are a go-to reasouce for everything in and around The Local Mom Network community, here in Lake County, IL. Today they published an article on me. I’ve had interviews as an author and even as a photographer, but being asked questions about me, as a person and as a mom, was different. And much appreciated. So … how well do you know me? 😉 https://libertyvilleareamoms.com/meet-a-mom-zee/

10 thoughts on “Woolgathering Series

  1. The plot twists were everything in this book!

    Lacson does a great job in creating two lovable characters. I found myself caring for London and hoping the story would end happy for her.

    From the beginning I was quite pleased with the pace and satisfied with the amount of detail which allowed me to fall right into London’s world. It did remind me of The Time Traveler’s Wife (Which I love, by the way), and I thought I had a pretty good idea of where the story was going but boy was I wrong! Lacson does an excellent job of delivering a plot twist all the way until the end.

    I highly recommend this book, and can’t wait to see what Lacson will write in the future.

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