Why are you doing this?

My husband asked me when Reverie was ready to be published. They say there are no stupid questions. On the flip side, I maintain that there are very, very good ones. This was one of the best.

Writing is Art. It’s a passion. It’s fun. It’s fulfilling.

Publishing, on the other hand, not so much.

I appreciate the many options available to authors that were not possible ten years ago. The “Big Five” Publishers seemed to control the market like the mob. If you couldn’t get your foot in the door, you get scammed by Vanity Publishers that are vampires for your creative soul. Other than printing out your manuscript on Word, there wasn’t much you could do. 

Publishing was a pipe dream. At least for me. 

Today, the possibilities are endless. A completely broke writer with nothing to lose can still publish an eBook online. That can be a great starting point for someone that wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise. Readers may complain that it also means that such writers aren’t held to an industry standard. Typos, bad grammar, awful storyline. 

Yes, that happens. I’m not concerned. Readers will filter the stories naturally. Some stories will resonate in spite of not aligning with industry standards. Others will only appeal to some. Or one. That’s fine too. It’s not the collapse of society. No matter how dramatic the reviews sound. 

The crossroads of publishing overwhelmed me when it was my turn. The information ocean that is the internet is both a blessing and a curse. The turmoil made me want to give up before I even started. 

There are thousands of reasons why people write. These are often very personal, ranging from a childhood dream to a dying promise. The why isn’t meant for the reader. They don’t need to know. Sometimes, they don’t even deserve to know. 

Once I was able to articulate why I wanted to publish, I was also able to identify my goal for publishing. Having that final destination in mind helped determine the paths available to me. It paved the way for me to muster the courage to take that first step. 

Have I made millions from The Woolgathering Series? No (not yet, anyway). Was that my goal? Also no. 

When I did make my goal, it was everything that I had hoped it would be. The rest is an unexpected breath-taking view. 

So for any writer attempting to wade through the waves of publishing, here is the anchor that helped me through my adventure: Know your why. You’ll get there. Don’t forget to enjoy the view. 

The Woolgathering Series
on Library Shelves around the USA
photo credit: various contributors

~ zee


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