The Collective

I’m a big believer in community over competition.

Particularly in the writing community. It’s a unique environment that actually supports this philosophy. You would have to go out of your way to be toxic to find conflict. And yes, I’ve met some pretty toxic authors. It absolutely boggles me. You may as well shoot yourself in the foot. It will inevitably force you into a lonely, completely unnecessary, existence.

Authors share the same consumers … readers. And readers never just stick with one author. In fact, they are often actively looking for more. And when authors support authors, readers are thrilled. It becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem that invites more opportunity that benefits both established and upcoming authors. In doing so, it provides all readers with a greater variety and broadens the excitement. Every book that they fall in love with reflects well on the entire genre.

At no point in the open market is there really competition. Unless you create it out of a misplaced sense to feel better than others.

At that point you are no longer an author. You are a virus to a healthy community.

Don’t be that parasite.

I value my writing community. There are no accomplishments that are made completely alone. Even in intangible support, it makes a difference. I can say with complete confidence that The Woolgathering Series would not have been possible without my Writer’s Group.

This local community of writers of different genres and accomplishments have made it possible for my own dreams to come true. The honest feedback, commitment, encouragement, and ideas are invaluable. I often find myself in awe and reminded of why writing is such a fulfilling endeavor. Sometimes even just being able to lament with someone who understands the challenges helps break through obstacles.

In return, I genuinely want to see them all succeed. At the very least, I can say, “I know that author …”

If you’re a struggling writer, find yourself a solid writer’s group. Whether it’s a local group of people or a community online. They will help you in leaps and bounds. If you’re an accomplished writer, go join one to give back to a community that has given you so much. It will keep you grounded and freshly motivated.

It’s one of those very rare situations where everyone wins. And don’t we all need some wins these days?

The Grayslake Arts Alliance Writing Group


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