And just like that, it’s February.

One of the few things I got done last month was visualize my goals for the year and actually make a plan for them. It sounds simple but I found it more challenging than I want to admit. 

I want to dream big but I also don’t want to just dream. 

Days to dream

photo credit: John Lacson

There’s a balance between inspiration and attainability that isn’t always easy for me to sustain. It’s like one of those yoga poses that look so graceful until you try it out yourself and realize it’s not just the yoga pants that made that look good. There’s effort behind the scenes. And practice. 

Interestingly enough, one of the goals I set for myself was to practice yoga more regularly.

That’s the underlying theme of the year, I think. Balance. Not necessarily Yoga.

I won’t stress over the times I’ve stared at a blank screen with equally blank thoughts. It’s a process and I know that there are days where I’ll breeze through the pages with words that my editor will eventually cut down to a bite-able size. More here. Less there.

I have to remind myself because I waste so much stressing over the slow days … the ‘non-productive’ days. Such days are necessary, though. For health. For sanity. For so many things that can’t be measured. They’re important to the process.

Days to dream. Days to work on the dream.

They’re all good days. Or at least they eventually will be.


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