I know we’re closer to the end of January than we are to the first of the year. My desire to meet 2022 head on with the steady momentum of regular blog posts and writing goals has hit a flat before the starting line.

I’d very much like to blame it all on the things that were beyond my control. Like my seven year old computer crashing after the latest software update and the cascading series of unfortunate events that followed because of it. 

Work backlog is never a fun thing. It’s a depressingly heavy weight that never feels like an accomplishment. No matter how creative the project, the moment it’s backlogged, it loses the magic. 

The adult in me understands that it’s really more my pathetic time management skills and my year old addiction to Animal Crossing. Hard to break habits. The struggle is real.

But why even assign blame? That’s not what we do around here. It’s not good for one’s psychic health.

Especially when it’s my fault.

Instead, I shall recommit to that optimistic future I envisioned for 2022. 

Starting with this post.

Jardin du Palais-Royal
photo credit: John Lacson


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