Woolgathering Series: Book 2
“When your dreams come true … what happens when you start having nightmares …?”

Revenant launches in 25 days.

London Evans thought she was just an ordinary teenager navigating an ordinary life of high school drama and family responsibilities.
That was until her ordinary life was interrupted by extraordinary dreams.
Dreams that were real.
Like, Ethan, the mystery boy with a strange accent and golden-green eyes. He once was just a part of her recurring dreams. Then he showed up at her doorstep, very real.
Now London needs to learn how to navigate this new world of dreams and reality. If she doesn’t, she risks both worlds.
What once were dreams have become nightmares.

And she has no way of stopping them.


All pre-orders placed here will received a signed first edition copy and exclusive Woolgathering Merch. There is a very limited number of sets available.

You have the option of picking up your pre-order at the Revenant BOOK LAUNCH

July 28
138 Center St. Grayslake IL 60030

Or having it shipped to you via USPS on July 28th.

Are you ready?

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