One year ago today, we scheduled Reverie for release. Technically, Reverie didn’t see the public until July but our official publication date was listed as June 1st, 2020.

I finished the first draft of Reverie in 2009. My soon-to-be-although-I-didn’t-know-it-at-the-time husband casually mentioned that it would make for a good short story. It ended up being a novel. I wrote for him. I wrote for the fun of it. It was not meant for much more.

Friends wanted to read it. Friends liked it. 

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you have a good enough story or if you just have really good friends.

Turns out, I had both.

I sent out query letters. I was rejected. 

I kept the letters. They were right. 2009 Reverie needed a lot of help. I didn’t have the experience to make it better on my own. In between raising a family, building a business, changing my relationship status, and all the paradigm shifts that are associated with living a life; I tried to write. 

My really good friends and my now-official husband didn’t give up on me. They encouraged and they pushed. They told me it was going to be all worth it.

2019 Reverie was better. There were massive changes to the characters, to the voice of these characters, and to the flow of the story. The plot didn’t change. The message didn’t change. The story was just better.

I had hoped to publish 10 years after the first draft but I couldn’t justify allocating time on it when there were so many other things that needed my attention. So I shelved the project and the dream.

Then 2020 happened and everything stopped. My business temporarily shut down. My family stayed home. In between meal planning to maximize limited groceries, cleaning the house like never before, losing loved ones to the pandemic, and stressing over health and finances; all I had was time. 

I found an editor that worked well with me. We connected over the phone and shared files over the internet. We worked together before I even knew what he looked like.

My husband and I did research, asked questions, and took the risk together. He wasn’t just an encouraging voice. He planned with me. He spent hours on layout and design. He made this happen. 

When I held the first copy of Reverie in my hands, I cried. 

When we sold out our pre-orders, I celebrated.

When we had our Book Launch, I thought things couldn’t get any better. The dream was realized in a grand and magical way suitable for Reverie

Then the best reviews started popping up. Complete strangers connected with each other over the story. Woolgatherers united. 

Libraries and Bookstores put Reverie on their shelves. 

There was an Author’s Visit. Virtual, of course, completely in the spirit of 2020. People attended anyway. 

We made the Amazon Best Seller List.

Now, next to hardcover and paperback copies of Reverie, you’ll find exclusive Reverie merch. Bookmarks, bookbling, and scented candles. 

I’ve signed a copy of Reverie on the street for a young Woolgatherer. 

I’ve stepped into my own dream. I’m living it. 

Next month, July 28th 2021, Book Two in the Woolgathering Series will be released. 


So on Reverie’s birthday, I wish to say thank you. Thank you for the dream. Thank you for making it real. I hope to continue the adventure with you. 

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